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The Certificate of Occupancy (COO) is the City’s assurance to a prospective buyer, current owner or tenant that the building substantially conforms to repair and maintenance standards as of date of issuance. The COO inspection is a visual inspection, including the interior and exterior of the property.

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An inspection is conducted by a Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) on the basis of a complaint, neighborhood survey, a referral, or an application for Certificate of Occupancy. The primary focus of these inspections is on health and safety and blight. If violations are present, a Notice and Order is issued to the owner requiring abatement within a specified time frame depending on the violations. 

The CEO regularly reinspects a property. If work is in progress, an extension may be given in “good faith” that the work will be completed. If progress is not being achieved on a continual basis, the CEO attempts to contact the owner and get a schedule for the completion of the work. A CEO will try to work with an owner to identify resources to resolve the violations whenever possible. If the owner does not comply with the Notice and Order, the CEO may recommend that the case be placed in Enforcement.

A final warning letter is sent, via regular mail, to the owner of the property. The final warning letter notifies the owner of the possible dollar amount of the fines and attaches a violation compliance schedule. The CEO will then reinspect the property to see if any of the violations have been corrected.

He/she will also attempt to contact the owner to gain compliance. If progress is made, the CEO will get a proposed compliance schedule from the owner for the remaining violations and seek approval for the extension from the code enforcement coordinator. Once the terms of the compliance schedule have been

agreed to, the CEO will continue to monitor the necessary progress.

If upon reinspection no progress is made, a ticket is issued to the owner. Initial fines can range from $50 to $150 per violation, with the fines doubling and tripling with subsequent tickets. The CEO will continue to monitor the property for progress or additional ticketing.

The owner can request a hearing for the ticket through the Municipal Codes Violation Bureau. Cases are adjudicated by administrative hearing examiners. If found guilty, the fines stand. Fines should only be waived if the owner proves that the violation did not exist at the time the ticket was issued. If property owners do not pay fines, the outstanding debt will be forwarded to a collection agency, any fines not collected will be added to the property tax bill, unless there has been a change in ownership, in which case the outstanding fines are held in judgment against the person they were issued to.


Get Tough Violations:

A Get Tough violation is defined as high grass and/or weeds of 10 inches or more, or trash/debris that is loose and uncontained.

The process for Get Tough violations is as follows:

The assigned inspector inspects the property for either high grass and weeds or trash and debris. Grass and weeds must be a minimum of 10 inches before it can be cited. If the violation exists, a Notice and Order is sent to the property owner, requiring them to abate the violation within 5 days.

If upon reinspection the violation has not been abated, the owner is issued a ticket for $150 per violation. The City then acts to abate the violation.

For high grass and weeds, the property is sent to a private contractor to abate the violation. This is usually done within 3 days of submitting it to the contractor. For trash and debris, a work order is submitted to the City’s Department of Environmental Services to abate the violation. The time this takes to abate is dependent on the availability of the work crews.  The property owner is billed for any services.

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